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For honey suppliers

For suppliers of honey

Goryachy Klyuch Beekeeping Company LLC buys honey from individuals (beekeepers), individual entrepreneurs, legal entities.

Purchase prices

Purchase prices vary depending on the seasonal demand for honey, the honey harvest in the current year and the supply on the market. Therefore, the prices of each batch of honey are discussed separately.

If you have any questions about prices, please contact us by phone

8 (86159) 4-70-73

8 (86159) 4-75-00

You can also contact us by email pcomp@mail.ru

Supporting documents

  1. Veterinary certificate (Form No. 2)
  2. A certificate issued by the local administration confirming the availability of an apiary in the household plot with an indication of the address of residence and passport data of the owner
  3. Passport of the apiary owner (photocopy of the pages with passport data and photo, as well as the page with the residence registration mark)
  4. A power of attorney certified by a notary or the village council, if the honey is not handed over by the owner, for the right to dispose of the products, sell and receive money.
  5. Bank details: Name of the bank, address, phone number, TIN of the bank, BIC, etc.
  6. Your bank details in this bank (personal savings account, plastic card)

For legal entities

  1. Supply contract
  2. Delivery note (Form TORG-12)
  3. Consignment note
  4. Commercial invoice
  5. Veterinary certificate (form No. 2)
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