Natural flower honey with beebread

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Net weight: 250g
Release form: can, domestic glass 250g
ТУ 9882-017-0669424-07
Shelf life: 12 months
Storage conditions: store at the temperature from 0°С to +20°С away from direct sunlight
  • Characteristic

Honey and beebread contain all the most valuable things in the plant, plus a number of physiologically active substances made by the bee. Honey with beebread is the best natural stimulant for maintaining vigor and youth of the body, prevents premature aging; it is indispensable in the nutrition of children. Honey with beebread is of great value for cosmetic purposes: it helps to preserve the water balance of the skin, normalizes it, makes it soft and velvety. The antibiotic properties of beebread is three times higher than those of pollen. It is not recommended to use beebread before going to bed, because of the strong tonic effect.

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